iARM gas detector & valve combo

Gas Detector & Cut-off Valve

The all in one combo
The iARM Combo is the greatest way to keep your family safe by preventing and cutting off a potentially deadly gas leak.
iARM gas detector

Gas Detector

Be notified
iARM Gas Detector will notify you of a gas leak before the situation gets hazardous for your family and yourself. iARM Gas Detector detects gas leaks before you even realize something is wrong.
iARM cut off vavle

Wireless Valve

Stop gas leak at the source
In case of a gas leak, iARM Wireless Valve will cut off gas flow right at the source, hence preventing the accumulation of gas that could lead to explosion.

iARM products are the best solution on the market today.

Easy installation
do it yourself
Fast and simple installation. Does not require any special tools or knowledge.
Installation guide
Power Efficiant
low cost operation
We have designed and programmed our device to extend life batterie to over five years.
Affordable technology
for everybody
Our system is more affordable than any other product available because we understand the importance of such device in your home.
Audio Visual Alert
get notified
When the iARM detector senses a gas leak, the device will immediately set off its alarm while the status light blinks.
Wireless Device
clean installation
iARM Detector and Valve connect wirelessly for easier and more convenient installation.
Patented Technology
our knowledge
Our proprietary technology has been developed in Canada by our team of engineers. Every single element of our device has been custom make.

It is important to us that you understand the importance of our products. Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries regarding our technology.